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Prospect development

5 minute read

From up to 250 manual checks each autumn to on demand, automated due diligence powered by Artificial Intelligence. 

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On demand, AI-powered prospect research at Dartmouth College
A Xapien success story

5 minute read

It is more important than ever that colleges know exactly who prospects are, as soon as possible, so they can best focus their fundraising efforts.


Prospect research tools: making the case for automation in universities
Streamline research to focus on building long term relationships

5 minute read

We review the tools now available for universities and non-profits looking to streamline donor due diligence and win more major gifts

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The top prospect research tools to streamline donor due diligence
A comparison of the available solutions

5 minute read

Now that donor due diligence takes 30 minutes and not two days, it has become a vital part of the fundraising process, and not an afterthought.

6 minute read

Using search engines to screen adverse media is time-consuming, inefficient and inconsistent. Find out how technology can help.


“He killed it out on the basketball court!”
The challenges of using search engines for adverse media screening (AMS)

6 minute read

Traditional research methods could be giving you a blindspot in your investigations into international names.

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Joseph, José or Giuseppe?
The challenge of matching names across languages

5 minute read

Discover the 4 types of prospect donor research tools that you should consider to enhance organisational growth in 2023.

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Must have prospect donor research tools for 2023
Four types of tools to consider

5 minute read

Read up on donor due diligence best practices that ensure a holistic approach which ensures greater growth and protection.

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Donor due diligence best practices in 2023

A guide for charities, universities, and nonprofit organisations

5 minute read

How can you make sure you’re saving time, not wasting time when using search engines for background research?

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Lost in search?

Search tips by Xapien

8 minute read

Four steps to take your major donor fundraising strategy to the next level, with key takeaways for fundraisers.

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