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Pricing FAQs

How does it work?

Xapien is a subscription service with tiered pricing based on report usage.

Is there a difference between people and company reports?

No. Our subscription model doesn’t distinguish between company and people reports, each counts as a single report.

Are there restrictions on where users are based?

No. We don’t impose any restrictions on the territories that users are based. 

Can I share Xapien reports with other people?

Yes! The best way to share reports is to use the share button at the top of the report. This allows you to share the report with colleagues in their fully interactive online format. Colleagues who do not have Xapien accounts will be able to open a 'read only' version of the report but won't be able to run any searches themselves. To keep a permanent record of our reports you can save them as a PDF.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. There are no overage charges on annual contracts – pricing is based on predicted usage. We’ll review your usage tier with you quarterly and we’re happy to adjust it upwards mid-year or at contract renewal as appropriate.

Do you provide training at onboarding?

Yes this is free of charge and included in all of our subscription models.

Do you provide ongoing support?

Yes. Subscription includes premium support from our Customer Success team, who will provide ongoing support – on an individual report basis where required.

What if I am unhappy with a report?

We have a satisfaction guarantee. You don’t pay for any report you’re not happy with, just press the feedback button to let us know.

Do you offer a white-label solution?

Yes we do. Our in-house design team have a great palette of options for co-branded or white-labelled reporting platforms. This is only offered for enterprise clients.

Are you able to integrate new data sources?

Yes. Our roadmap is driven by our clients and we are always delighted to discuss accelerating roadmap items including data integrations in response to user need. However, this is subject to a minimum subscription commitment. 

What about integration costs?

No IT integration is required, Xapien is accessed via the web – get up and running in minutes.

Do you offer an API?

Yes. An API is available to integrate into your workflow; and the facility to run reports in batch.

Subscription tiers
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Dartmouth stacked.png

“Xapien’s open-source information is streamlining and tackling compliance to enable the future
of finance.”

Dubai International Financial Centre

Fulcrum Diligence.png

“Xapien is a very dynamic catalyst for getting to where I want to go.”

Fulcrum Diligence


“Seeing the product was a Eureka moment for us.”

Zurich Insurance


“With Xapien, compliance is now the business-enabling department, rather than the business-prevention department.”

Griffin Financial Technology

Dartmouth stacked.png

“Xapien does in eight minutes what would take a manual researcher eight hours to produce.”

Dartmouth College

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