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Watch to learn about Emerging trends and best practice in Customer Due Diligence (CDD) for fintechs.

Watch to find out how Dartmouth's advancement team use Xapien to research prospects and assess risk.

Watch to learn the benefits and challenges posed by online data in the battle against financial crime.

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Mobilising online data to fight financial crime
Hosted by BrightTALK with Xapien, FINTRAIL and Dow Jones Risk & Compliance

Discover how new tools and technologies have enabled prospect researchers to play an ever-greater role in their organisations.

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How to use AI to research more effectively
Hosted by our partners at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s Researchers in Fundraising group

In this webinar, Ethical Goods  introduce Xapien’s unique approach to the challenge of carrying out donor due diligence in the age of big data.

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Ethical Goods presents Xapien
Protect your organisation’s reputation: a new tool for due diligence and prospect research

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