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Explainable AI

5 minute read

Context, nuance, negation and colloquialism: How Xapien can read like a human.

5 minute read

A glossary of some of the buzzwords in the field of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Xapien Social Media Jargon buster clean.jpg

Tech glossary
Xapien’s jargon buster

5 minute read

How can you make sure you’re saving time, not wasting time when using search engines for background research?

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Lost in search?
Search tips by Xapien

6 minute read

Using search engines to screen adverse media is time-consuming, inefficient and inconsistent. Find out how technology can help.


“He killed it out on the basketball court!”
The challenges of using search engines for adverse media screening (AMS)

6 minute read

Traditional research methods could be giving you a blindspot in your investigations into international names.

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Joseph, José or Giuseppe?
The challenge of matching names across languages

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