We protect organisations’ values and ethics by providing comprehensive, automated, background research



Values. Ethics. Conduct.

You need to know if the values, ethics and conduct of the people you do business with match your and your shareholder’s objectives. Xapien’s early rapid insights into ESG risks enable fast and sustainable growth. 

There is a lack of clear ESG-related metrics that companies can use to make compliance, investment or partnership decisions. Growth opportunities are often lost due to time consuming, complicated and expensive compliance processes. 


Xapien provides early insight on potential ESG risks from vast and disparate online data sources. With Xapien, you can quickly vet potential suppliers, partners and investments without needing slow, or expensive third party support. 


Our cloud-based platform gathers, reads and analyses online data in over 100 different languages and character sets. 


Simply enter the name of any individual or organisation and press Go. 


In a few minutes, Xapien will deliver a concise, meaningful report that you can use for investment, partnership and other business-critical decision-making.

How Xapien works

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Xapien’s simple search rapidly locates relevant data across thousands of disparate web pages and data sources.

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Our language processing algorithms extract meaningful knowledge from these, just like a human can, but at speed and scale.

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Our powerful AI engines continually interpret the ingested data, excluding false positives and further refining the search.

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Xapien takes minutes to deliver a clear, concise, and context-rich report, packed with insights and highlighting potential risk.