Understanding early saves money when onboarding new suppliers.
If their values, ethics and conduct do not match your own, then you need to know this upfront, not as the last check to be made.

Many organisations perform compliance checks for a new supplier at the end of the onboarding process because it is time consuming, complicated and expensive. At this point in the process, a significant amount of time and resource has been invested in the relationship and the cost of late-arriving issues are significant. 

With Xapien, you can quickly vet and screen potential suppliers without needing slow, or expensive third party support. Having a full and balanced view of your suppliers, their conduct, affiliations and business interests can inform negotiations as well as identifying if the supplier would, in principle, align with your values, ethics and desired levels of conduct. 

Against a backdrop of tightening regulation, more sectors and businesses than ever before are required to know their customers and suppliers in a way that would traditionally have involved specialist, trained users of expensive third party checks. 

For customers with significant numbers of suppliers, we are able to provide API integrations and we can also batch screen large volumes nightly or as one-off activities. 

How Xapien works




Xapien’s simple search rapidly locates relevant data across thousands of disparate webpages and data sources.



Our language processing algorithms extract meaningful knowledge from these, just like a human can, but at speed and scale.



Our powerful AI engines continually interpret the ingested data, excluding false positives and further refining the search.



Xapien delivers a clear, concise and context-rich report, packed with insights and highlighting potential risk.