Xapien is suitable for business users and experienced analysts

As simple to use as search


Identify the background and reputation of the people and companies you engage with.

Xapien’s detailed reports identify potential risk
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Xapien reads and understands, just like a human would

Analysts find, read and assess content. What they learn informs what they know and shapes what they look for next.


Just enter the name of your subject, provide some brief context and press Go.
Xapien does the rest.

Xapien is fully sourced

Fully sourced

If something is interesting, you may want to know where it came from and read the original. All of the information in the reports is from publicly available data and is fully sourced so you can visit the original content.

Xapien auto translates

Auto translated

Xapien finds content from across the globe, published in almost any language. All content is automatically translated to English and run through risk profiling, enabling you to see risk at a glance, without spending time hunting around in unfamiliar text. 

In context

In context

Xapien doesn't just present articles for you to read, they are automatically read, identifying assets, associates, wealth, business roles, descriptions, quotes and affiliations. These summaries and categorisation saves hours of reading time. 

Xapien report: the professional overview shows directorships, roles and potential risks

Corporate records and career history

Information and details within news articles can provide valuable context to help identify obscure corporate records or social profiles via shared associates or contact details.


Searching and matching corporate records
is slow and painstaking work. Xapien matches thousands of fragments of information in every enquiry to ensure you know everything.

At a glance

At a glance

Xapien combs through the records to flag insolvencies and other corporate risk indicators, giving you a high level view of your subject's portfolio.

Industry breakdown

Industry breakdown

You can see at a glance the industries in which you subject operates, be that healthcare, pharmaceuticals or minerals and mining.

All the detail

All the detail

View the key corporate activity in a glance from name changes to locations and trading status.

Xapien highlights risk


Xapien highlights corporate insolvency risk as well as jurisdictional risk of operations in high risk territories.

Locations in context

Locations in context

Every address is cleansed, resolved and plotted on a map, alongside street-view images giving you a textured view of where your subject operates from. 

Connected persons

Connected persons

It is often important to identify close business associates. Xapien will surface all related persons so you can easily run follow-on Xapien reports.

Xapien reports summarise and de-duplicates all web, media and news mentions of your subject

Web and media

Content is everywhere across the internet and growing exponentially.

Valuable information sits across the breadth of the internet as well as traditional media outlets. 


Performing comprehensive research is time-consuming, complex and requires painstaking attention to detail. Xapien brings speed, scale, depth and consistency.

Xapien groups stories

Grouped stories

Stories in the media are often seen many times over. Xapien uses language processing to detect and group content on the same topic, helping you focus your attention where it's needed.

Xapien identifies risk

Identified risk

Xapien's neural risk profiler identifies tangible risks about your subject. Articles about other people with the same name  are rejected enabling you to focus on the real risks about your subject.

See related parties

Related parties

By reading every story, biography and blog post, Xapien goes beyond structure data to present the people who are written about in connection with your subject, helping you quickly consider options for onward research.