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Xapien is suitable for business users and experienced analysts

A simple, powerful search

Xapien: How it works
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Xapien’s detailed reports identify potential risk
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Xapien reads and understands, just like a human would

Analysts find, read and assess content. What they learn informs what they know and shapes what they look for next.


Just enter the name of your subject, provide some brief context and press Go.
Xapien does the rest.

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Fully sourced

If something is interesting, you may want to know where it came from and read the original. All of the information in the reports is from publicly available data and is fully sourced so you can visit the original content.

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Auto translated

Xapien finds content from across the globe, published in over 100 languages. All content is translated into English and scanned for risk. You get all the facts about your subject.

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In context

Xapien doesn't just present articles for you to read, they are automatically read, identifying assets, associates, wealth, business roles, descriptions, quotes and affiliations. These summaries and categorisation saves hours of reading time. 

Xapien report: the professional overview shows directorships, roles and potential risks

Corporate records and career history

Information and details within news articles can provide valuable context to help identify obscure corporate records or social profiles via shared associates or contact details.