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We review the tools now available for universities and non-profits looking to streamline donor due diligence and win more major gifts

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AI technology is helping law firms as they increasingly consider the ethical implications of accepting new clients.

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This article explores the different risks law firms need to assess before onboarding new clients

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Everything you need to know about risk assessment
And how automation helps you manage it

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Streamlined onboarding processes set the tone for the rest of the working relationship and speed up business outcomes

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Automated litigation support frees lawyers from spending excessive time on repetitive tasks, so they can focus on practising law

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A glossary of some of the buzzwords in the field of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

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Tech glossary
Xapien’s jargon buster

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In this article, we dig in to how legal client intake is evolving, and the best software available today.

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How intelligent software is transforming legal client intake
Law firms are saving time and increasing efficiency with AI

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Due diligence on potential clients is a vital yet time consuming task for law firms. Using the right software reduces costs and gives a competitive edge

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Why law firms need better client intake software
Stay ahead of changing legal regulations

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Conscientious consumers, investors and employees, plus globalised supply chains and enhanced regulations have made it vital to know who you are in business with.


How AI can transform your supply chain due diligence
Supply chain due diligence is now a corporate necessity

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ESG is now an important driver of value creation that firms making investment decisions of all sizes need to assess holistically.

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ESG in private equity
How investors can minimise ESG risk with AI

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As the question of ‘should we’ becomes just as important as ‘can we’ in the legal client intake process, firms can save time and avoid reputational risk.

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Legal client intake
How your law firm can do better

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Now that donor due diligence takes 30 minutes and not two days, it has become a vital part of the fundraising process, and not an afterthought.

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Using search engines to screen adverse media is time-consuming, inefficient and inconsistent. Find out how technology can help.


“He killed it out on the basketball court!”
The challenges of using search engines for adverse media screening (AMS)

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Traditional research methods could be giving you a blindspot in your investigations into international names.

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Joseph, José or Giuseppe?
The challenge of matching names across languages

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Lawyers must carefully consider which platforms are worth their investment. We've compiled a list of the six best legal due diligence software platforms available on the market.

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6 best legal software platforms for 2023
The best platforms available on the market, and the value they bring.

Discover how AI is streamlining the client intake process, and how law firms can keep one step ahead of the competition by implementing solutions themselves.

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How AI can streamline your client intake process
Get the full picture on any client, in minutes.

Law firms are now facing a host of potential growth opportunities, but also potential challenges. Find out the 4 ways AI is transforming efficiencies in litigation support.

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How AI is augmenting litigation support services
4 ways AI is transforming efficiencies in litigation support.

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Organisations are having to scramble to comply with the largest package of sanctions ever imposed against a G20 nation. Find out all you need to know.

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The what, the why and the how.

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These 4 types of reputational risk tools are essential to prevent reputational damage. Become confident in what you choose. 

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4 Types of reputational risk tools in 2022
Prevent reputational damage with the right tool for your organisation.

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Discover the 4 types of prospect donor research tools that you should consider to enhance organisational growth in 2022.

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Must have prospect donor research tools for 2022
Four types of tools to consider

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Ensure your adverse media checks do not miss out on any key insights or draw insights from illegitimate sources with these 5 simple steps.

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5 simple steps to adverse media checks

A guide to accurate and efficient adverse media checks

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Read up on donor due diligence best practices that ensure a holistic approach which ensures greater growth and protection.

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Donor due diligence best practices in 2022

A guide for charities, universities, and nonprofit organisations

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How can you make sure you’re saving time, not wasting time when using search engines for background research?

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Lost in search?

Search tips by Xapien

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Most organisations have yet to adopt automation for their due diligence process. In this article you will find out the five reasons why they should, and why it is the future of due diligence.

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Five reasons automated due diligence is the future

Unlock your team’s ability to provide insights out of information

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Fundraising has seen a mass upheaval in recent times due to changes brought on by the pandemic. Ensure your fundraising due diligence is optimised for the current environment.

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Fundraising due diligence procedures

How to update your policy for 2022
5 minute read

With more sources, and more threats than ever, the landscape has changed. Find out how to move your reputational due diligence into 2022 and beyond.

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Reputational due diligence in 2022

How to safeguard your reputation

5 minute read

Unlock value and growth for your organisation by establishing a robust due diligence and reputational management process.

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How to prevent reputational risk

Rethinking your strategy for 2022
5 minute read

Our mission to change how businesses access and mobilise information with our leading-edge software.

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Our mission to democratise background research
5 minute read

Five cases that show what’s at risk when due diligence isn’t exercised effectively, and the lessons to learn from them.

5 minute read

A guide for the not-for-profit sector on the importance of effective due diligence when fundraising.

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Update your fundraising policy for 2022

The importance of effective due diligence
8 minute read

Four steps to take your major donor fundraising strategy to the next level, with key takeaways for fundraisers.

4 parts

An introductory guide for the not-for-profit sector on the importance of effective donor due diligence.

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