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We protect organisations from fraud, regulatory and reputational damage by providing comprehensive, automated, background research

Universities & Non-profit


Protect your reputation with due diligence

Protecting your reputation is key to maximising your impact. Your values and beliefs need to align with the conduct of your donors, suppliers, influencers, ambassadors, staff, and other third parties. Streamline the process with our advanced due diligence platform.
“Two days of work
now takes 30 minutes.”
Senior Due Diligence Specialist,
Cambridge University

Managing your reputation is crucial. You need to know that your organisation’s ethics and beliefs are aligned with the conduct of those you are associated with. Comprehensive background research is key to upholding your brand’s reputation. 

Institutions today are exposed too far more risks than standard criminality, sanctions or bankruptcy. To understand the fuller picture, you’ll want access to a much wider range of data than can be found through watchlist screening alone. For many non-profits, it is vital you are aware of the connections with extractive industries, countries with poor human rights records, and other ESG factors. You need to know this before you start building relationships. 

Xapien identifies and categorises these risks into a comprehensive, shareable report. We look for the activities and affiliations that are noteworthy to your organisation and identify obscure connections, buried deep within text. 


Xapien automates the entire due diligence process, so that you can do the important work of decision-making.

Discover valuable fundraising opportunities

Third sector organisations need consistent, meaningful growth to survive. Use our automated, AI-powered research tool to discover valuable fundraising opportunities.
“It’s been awesome.”
Executive Director of Research and Prospect Management, Dartmouth College
At the University of Cambridge, prospect research and due diligence teams use Xapien to build successful relationships with prospects.
“Our go-to tool for donations due diligence.” 
Head of Donor Prospecting and Research,
Cambridge University

Identifying and engaging prospective donors or other third parties can be a lengthy, painstaking task. It doesn’t need to be. Xapien transforms research, empowering teams to focus on higher-value and higher-potential prospects.


Using Xapien as a first step in the prospecting cycle enables you to enter every conversation with an informed understanding of your prospect’s background and propensity to give. Xapien uncovers key insights on individuals from their donor history to their institutional, professional, and personal backgrounds. This enables your due diligence teams to pinpoint their efforts to drive lasting revenue.


Xapien provides you both with the transparency you need around a donor’s source of funds, and the knowledge you need to develop productive relationships. Our advanced background reports, generated within minutes, allow you to quickly discover new opportunities for progression.

Recently at Cambridge, a Xapien search was run on a prospect who offered to make a fice-figure donation.


The report revealed that they worked for a firm that had in the past invested in fossil fuels. Given the significant opposition to the use of fossil fuels from Cambridge’s students and stakeholders, this could have led to the proposed donation being pulled into unnecessary ethics committees, and might even have led to the rejection of the donation. However, the Xapien report provided further context that the company had now closed that investment branch, and the donation was accepted. 


The result: a quick, frictionless fundraising process, and a positive relationship with the donor. 

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How Xapien works

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Xapien’s simple search rapidly locates relevant data across thousands of disparate web pages and data sources.

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Our language processing algorithms extract meaningful knowledge from these, just like a human can, but at speed and scale.

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Our powerful AI engines continually interpret the ingested data, excluding false positives and further refining the search.

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Xapien takes minutes to deliver a clear, concise, and context-rich report, packed with insights and highlighting potential risk.

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Information is shared, consumed and eternalised online faster than ever. Risks are high and due diligence best practice is no longer a 'nice to have'. It is fundamental.

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