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Partnership with Ethical Goods

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Ethical Goods.

Ethical Goods began as a good idea between a charity and a business and has grown to become an impressive consultancy with a large and ever-growing portfolio of charity and corporate clients. In the 11 years since inception, Ethical Goods has enabled over £150 million in new funding for charitable causes and made immeasurable strategic improvements to the social good being implemented by our corporate clients.

Xapien’s simple-to-use online platform delivers concise and comprehensive background reports on any individual or organisation, in minutes. Using AI and Natural Language Processing to read, understand, and distil text from vast amounts of online data, our cloud-based platform enables fundraisers to enter the room armed with the information they need to form valuable relationships, quickly.

We look forward to working with Duncan Parker and his impressive team to support our nonprofit clients to lead successful programmes through strategic donor and partner relationships.

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