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See Xapien in action. We’ll run tailored Xapien reports on names you supply in a live session.

Xapien is a simple-to-use AI platform that delivers fully-automated background reports on any individual or organisation, in minutes.


Simply enter the name of your subject, some brief context and press Go.


In a few minutes, Xapien will deliver a concise, meaningful report that highlights personal and professional affiliations, risks, and networks, set in context.


Go deeper, faster, further. Xapien them.

See Xapien in action.

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In context

Xapien doesn't just present articles for you to read, they are automatically read, identifying assets, associates, wealth, business roles, descriptions, quotes and affiliations. These summaries and categorisation saves hours of reading time and can be used to boost prospect relationships or quickly spot avenues for onward research. 

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Auto translated

Xapien finds content from across the globe, published in over 100 languages. All content is translated into English and scanned for risk. You get all the facts about your subject.  

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Connections and associates

Xapien will surface all close associates. Corporate records as well as open-source data are analysed to extract family members, business partners and overlapping directors. Map out networks at a glance. 

Unlock the strategic advantages of automated research

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Stop searching.
Start knowing.

Get instant, actionable and shareable insights on individuals and organisations at scale.

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