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College Webinar
12.00pm ET • Tuesday 12 July 

How Dartmouth College use Artificial Intelligence to fundraise more effectively  

100 prospects, 200 million search results, one team of researchers. The ongoing data explosion has permanently changed the role of any prospect researcher.


At the same time, when a decades-old reputation hangs on 280 characters, knowing what’s out there that might put your organization at risk is more important than ever. 


Join this webinar to learn how Dartmouth College use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their Advancement team to research prospects and assess risks. 

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Running order 

Mike Foote, Executive Director of Research and Prospect Management, will provide an overview of how the practice of research is evolving by using powerful new tools. He’ll discuss the role of AI in research and touch on Dartmouth’s new partnership with Xapien. 


Xapien’s Chief Commercial Officer, Chris Green, and VP of Customer Success, Mick Endsor, will expand on how advances in AI, cloud computing, and Natural Language Processing can get to the heart of the matter, quickly, enabling researchers to provide insight, not just information.

Who should sign up

  • Prospect Researchers

  • University advancement and development teams

  • Donor due diligence professionals 


What you’ll learn

  • How researchers are using AI technology

  • How front-line fundraisers can benefit from this

  • Emerging best practices in donor assessment processes 


Mike Foote

Executive Director of Research and Prospect Management, Dartmouth College 


Chris Green

Chief Commercial Officer, Xapien


Mick Endsor

VP of Customer Success, Xapien

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Insightful results

Xapien's built-in, fit-for-purpose reporting templates provide unambiguous, context-rich outputs to create faster, and more informed decisions. Xapien reports can also be exported into easily shareable PDFs, fostering collaboration.

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In context 

Xapien doesn't just present articles for you to read, they are automatically read, identifying assets, associates, wealth, business roles, descriptions, quotes and affiliations. These summaries and categorisation saves hours of reading time and can be used to boost prospect relationships or quickly spot avenues for onward research. 

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Accurate risk identification

Xapien's neural risk profiler identifies tangible risks about your subject and can distinguish between direct and indirect risks. This enables analysts to focus only on genuinely risky entities and individuals, and businesses to vet a wider range of customers.

Unlock the strategic advantages of automated due diligence


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